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"I've lost almost 4 lbs since starting to take Raspberry Ketone Lean a week ago."

-- Jeremy H. from San Diego
"I was skeptical at first because I've tried other supplements before but raspberry ketone helped me lose weight."

-- Courtney M. from Austin
"Raspberry ketone helped me lose 5 pounds one week into my new diet and exercise plan."

-- Larry L. from Washington D.C.
"I had an easier time staying away from unhealthy habits with raspberry ketone."

-- Karisa C. from Dubuque
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Nutritional Gain Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Raspberry Ketone?

A. Raspberry ketone is the aroma compound of raspberries. There are lots of compounds available that can aid in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle in general. Raspberry ketone is an effective compound because it helps increase the metabolism, thereby making it easier for you to lose weight.

Raspberry Ketone Lean isn't a miracle drug. It's a weight management supplement -- which means it can be a great part of an overall healthy lifestyle aimed at weight loss. Weight loss always takes work, so why not take the path of least resistance and work smarter instead of harder? This is in essence the key way raspberry ketone can help your body. It works best its power is multiplied by combining techniques which accomplish the same metabolism-increasing goal.

Just because studies are not yet available, that doesn't mean the positive effects of raspberry ketone aren't enjoyed by many people every day. Until recently raspberry ketone was still quite a secret, but then the media caught on and so did everyone else … many local nutrition and health stores running out of raspberry ketone to the point where weeks of backorders built up.

Q. What else is in my Raspberry Ketone Lean supplement?

A. Your Raspberry Ketone Lean supplement also contains african mango extract, acai fruit, green tea extract, resveratrol, anhydrous caffeine, apple cider vinegar, kelp and grapefruit. As previously stated, Raspberry Ketone Lean, like all raspberry ketone supplements of high quality, help people achieve weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

African Mango Extract: High fiber content of seeds may promote weight loss by increasing cholesterol removal and breakdown of fatty acids.

Acai Fruit: Contains high level of antioxidants which are thought to reverse effects of oxidation on the body.

Green Tea Extract: Raises energy level and increase fat oxidation.

Resveratrol: Recently confirmed in Harvard Study to provides anti-aging benefits by stimulating production of a serum which blocks diseases.

Anhydrous Caffeine: Caffeine in powdered form.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is advertised as being able to treat many conditions. However, studies don't back up many of these claims. Obesity is one condition small studies have indicated could be aided by apple cider vinegar.

Kelp: This sea weed is said to have many health benefits like thyroid gland reduction and weight loss assistance due to the metabolism-increasing effects of iodine.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit powder helps with weight loss due to its high pectin content. Pectin is a water-soluble fiber which can cause the feeling of fullness and speed up digestion.

Q. Can raspberry ketone help me lose weight?

A. Yes, it facilitates other weight loss methods like diet and exercise. It's like a reward for already working towards weight loss. Raspberry ketone is simply the aroma compound of raspberries -- it's what makes them smell so delicious! The two terms below may sound confusing, but they really aren't -- the first is a natural hormone and the second a natural process. Your body has literally been waiting to use raspberry ketone to reach its full potential.

1. Hormone Adiponectin: The breakdown of fatty acid as well as glucose levels are affected by adiponectin. Raspberry ketone increases levels of this hormone in the body, resulting in increased insulin producing and as a result a faster metabolism, educed appetite and improved muscle efficiency. Studies on mice have shown adiponectin levels increasing by 100% after 48 hours.

2. Lipolysis: Lipids are different types of molecules including fat. Lipolysis is the hydrolysis of fats, or the breaking of their chemical bonds by water. The product of lipolysis is carboxylic acids and glycerol. Raspberry ketone was shown in mice to increase glycerol levels by 300%.

Q. Is raspberry ketone safe?

A. Yes, our raspberry ketone is prepared according to the highest standards in an FDA-monitored laboratory.

Q. Can I consume raspberry ketone by just eating raspberries?

A. Yes, but the amount is small. 90 pounds of raspberries would need to be eaten to start experiencing the effects of the compound. Our Raspberry Ketone Lean contains 1200mg of raspberry ketone in one serving, with two servings suggested daily.

Q. Can Raspberry Ketone Lean be purchased in stores?

A. No, Raspberry Ketone Lean is available only online.

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